My Name Is Snickerdoodle: Tradition



Growing up (mostly in my later years) my mom and I would take cookies (these cookies, in fact) around to people in our church and friends around Christmas time. Alot of people have that tradition. It didn't dawn on me until this week that since we have been married I have done it the last few years and I have carried that tradition on to my family. I really like to make a mixture of goodies. This year it didn't work out exactly like I had planned so I just made two things. That sounds so pretentious, but not meant to be! I made Christmas Crunch and Chocolate, Chocolate Popcorn. This last Monday, for Family Home Evening, the three of us loaded up in the car with 28 degree weather outside and delivered these treats! We had an iPod full of Christmas songs (which we sang very loud to) and just laughed and teased eachother the whole time. The one bad thing is everytime Ian would get out of the car (I made him do most of the dirty, cold work). Liam would cry because he wanted his daddy. That was the day that I decided that 2 Mondays before Christmas will be our treat delivering day!

Speaking of Christmas is where you can get a free Christmas song every day of December! It's where I found my new favorite song/version..."Angels We Have Heard On High" by Six Pence None The Richer. SO GOOD!


  1. Baking cookies has been so much fun. This year I have to say I am not baking anything so far. At least not in the future unless will be for family. It is a great tradition. Cute that Liam cried for his daddy. I bet Ian was cold. He is such a good guy to do that for you. You bake, he takes. Hey, that is pretty good.

  2. i didn't know about amazon...thanks for sharing! love ya!