My Name Is Snickerdoodle: Glam it up!


Glam it up!

So, with all this free and super cheap makeup I have been getting from couponing, I have wanted to try out some new looks. The only thing better than free is if it was free Mac makeup!
I you tubed the smokey eye look to see if I could find a simple instructional video. I had a good idea of what to do, but wanted to do it right and not end up looking like a tramp. I came across the adorable Lauren Luke and her fabulous talent. She is the second most popular user on You Tube in all of England. Granted, I am not so daring to do some of her star studded looks, but some of them I absolutely love!


  1. Ok, I love to YouTube make up people. There is this one chick who thinks she looks like Kim Kardashian, and she has some killa make up and nail advice.

  2. This girl is so fabulous. I am going on youtube now to check out her tutorials.