My Name Is Snickerdoodle: More Birthday


More Birthday

Here are the some of the birthday party pictures I promised. Blogger is still not allowing me to upload from my computer, so I am hoping the photobucket works just as well.
But, let me start from the beginning...
At the first of the year, our good friends invited us to have a joint birthday party with their son. (They are only 4 days apart.) We were not going to have a party this year, but could not pass up on this opportunity. We would be inviting the same nursey class from church so it was perfect. Becky loves to throw a party even more than I do. She already has some fabulous ideas of what she wanted to do and they had picked the theme, Ratatouille, the disney movie, with a twist. It was going to be a Rata '2' ee party since the boys were turning 2. Genius.
She had already made her son a chef's outfit for Halloween so I borrowed her pattern. My mother-in-law helped me out a ton so we could get it done before the party.
As you can see from the pictures below, they did a wonderful job at putting this shindig together. WOW facter indeed!
We had the guests RVSP with a kid friendly recipe so that we could put together a book for the goody bag. Becky had borrowed a couple of play kitchens and that was basically what this kids did the whole time and loved it. She had a ton of play food, pots and pans and utensils. It was basically a relaxed (yet completely loud...what do expect with 15 kids under the age of 5?) and I think everyone enjoyed themselves. It was great to hang back with all the parents and just observe how fun our kids really are.
Since we left right after the party for Oklahoma, we didn't have a chance to open his presents until the next Monday. Everyone was completely generous with their gifts. Ian and I had a blast watching him open them and take his time. The reason we didn't open them at the party...15 kids+presents for only two of them=a jealous disaster!
Thanks to Becky and her family for letting us share this fabulous time with them. We really, really appreciated it!

The little birthday chefs!
Becky did a phenominal job at the decorations. She went above and beyond and I loved every minute of it.
What a fabulous view!
She also outdid herself when it came to the food. Since it was basically a toddlers party, we had little people French food...grapes, cheese bites, crackers and goldfish. Since their parents were "coming" also she also put out a more adult spread. Fancy, stinky cheeses, gourmet crackers, eclairs (that was my one tiny contribution) and pirouettes, Pierre and French lemonade (one of my favorite things on the earth).
She thought of it all. Over the play kitchen, she had a floating Gusteau!
Our little chef checking out the decor...NOT behinds!
I love that he wore the hat for most of the party.
Ian and I were so excited!
Becky made this super fantastic "cheese" cake for the adults.
While she made the little guest cupcakes and the birthday boys their own mini cakes topped with an Eiffel tower!
Liam couldn't get his own candles to blow out so he thought he would try E's.
Along with the apron and chef's hat they got at the beginning of the party, each child recieved a fun goody bag complete with a personalized cup, coloring book, cookbook, Euro chocolates, character charms, stickers, and Duck a l'orange (a cooking rubber ducky with orange slice candies).


  1. OMG- that really is the CUTEST party EVER!!! Holy cow, no stone or idea was left unturned! I am throwing a Spiderman bday party Saturday for my 2 year old and feel so inspired by your blog (although everything is pretty much purchased and organized at this point!)
    THanks for sharing!

  2. Oh my WOW! THat is amazing! What a party!

  3. C'est Tres Jolie! So creative!!! I just really love it!

  4. WOW!! Now that's a party!!!! Awesome!

  5. I am TOTALLY freaking out! That is the cutest party ever! I am fixing to plan Kelly's 1st bday party, but he isn't really "in" to anything yet, and his little friends can't really do much. This makes me so excited for future bday parties!! GREAT JOB!!!

  6. So... I don't know if I know you. I found your blog a while ago when I was googling quite book ideas - yours was very inspirational by the way, the cutest one I found by far {so thanks!} and as I have checked your blog and loved your recipies, crafts fun peojects for your little guy since my son is around the same age... you look so familure that it always made me wonder if we had met. I have wanted to post before, but felt stupid... but this birthday party! Holy COW! It is awesome, and what a great friend to have that would share it all too!

  7. That has got to be the MOST original b-day party in the world! What fabulous decorations!! Lucky guys! :0)

  8. Julie, I am so happy that you posted! I used to live in Utah so we could have met somewhere?? I also have one of those I am told! You are more than welcome to comment anytime you like!

  9. Wow! That is really impressive. You guys went all out. Your friend is amazing. Ian was adorable too. Way to go!

  10. I saw all the pictures. I cant believe it. Wow.....I was taken breathless and speechless. Awesome. I loved Liam cook outfit. What a super job you did in making it and with Belinda's help. Awesome. That was a party.

  11. Oh my. That is so luxury!

  12. you girls outdid yourselves!!! what a fun party! you and Beck should go into the party planning business. hello!! you've got a million ideas and people will buy them. i have no doubt about that. :) Liam and E were adorable in the chef outfits. and I loved the decorations. LOOOOOVED! give Beck a hug from me. love you!

  13. That looked amazing, and so fun.

  14. Wow seriously! tell becky that she freakin amazing! so much fun! I agree with Rachel, you two really should do something with that party throwing talent of yours :) I can't believe Liam is already two!