My Name Is Snickerdoodle: Park



I finally went to play group with some ladies in our church. They have been doing it forever, so I have been missing out for a while...well, Liam really is the one that has been missing out without knowing it! He absolutely loved it and did not want to come home. I, however, was having a panic attack the entire time because all I could do was envision was broken bones, but I will have to get over it and just let him play.
***Blogger is being typical blogger and I cannot upload anymore pictures. Hopefully more later!


  1. Oh! Amy!! He's getting so big already! Wasn't it just yesterday that you posted you were pregnant with him?

    Enjoy these wonderful days, they go all too fast!


  2. he is SO cute!!! i just wanna love on him. lol. and of course he had a hat on. he's too adorable!
    i talked to Greg and he said to plan a weekend. so you let me know!!! next month sometime?? :)

  3. that hat is totally bitchin! (can i say that on your blog:)) love you!

    i'm about to make your berry scones....

  4. Aww! I love his hat!

  5. Liam looked like he had so much fun playing at the park. cute....cute...cute

  6. totally adorable!