My Name Is Snickerdoodle: Mail



Do you ever just wish that you would get something else in your mailbox other than bills, credit card offers and junk mail? I do every time I get the mail.
Let me start the story here...Last week, Ian was checking his email as I was cooking dinner. The following conversation happened.

Him: "I have a question to ask you, but you cannot ask me any questions in return."
Me: "Okaaaay...why?
Him: "Just do it, okay?"
Me: "Alright" (feeling really skeptical at this point)
Him: "Do you know a blog friend named Stephanie?
Me: "I think so. Why?"
Him: "I told you no you know her? Her blog is The Living Room Floor."
Me: "Of course I do. She is super cute and has kick butt layouts. You should totally see this cool camera she has. Why do you ask?" (As you can see I don't follow directions really well.)
Him: "I am just making sure she is not a stalker!"
Me: "Of course not!"

I just started to laugh that he would actually think that I was cool enough or rather unlucky enough to have a blog stalker...and not in a good way. If I do have a naughty blog stalker who is reading this, don't be offending and try to harm me in any way!!!

This totally peaked my interest and I kept hounding him with questions. He finally looked me in the eyes and said, "Do you want to ruin a good thing? I felt a little shameful that I was trying to find out the surprise so I kept my mouth shut.
I was out of town this weekend (more to come about that later) and so I had forgot our conversation until yesterday when I went to go and get the mail. Amongst the bills, credit card offers and junk mail was a glorious red package with my name on it!!! Inside was this little gem!
Inside were homemade marshmallows that she had made. She blogged about it and I had commented on how I have had that recipe for years, but was too chicken to make them. HOW SWEET is she?? Thank you so much, Stephanie, for being wonderful, fantastic, kind and completely AwEsOmE!!! Another testament that this world is a good place!

**I would have included a picture of the actual marshmallows, but who wants to see an empty bag?


  1. Glad you got them! You deserve a treat :)

  2. how cool is that? enjoy!

  3. yay for you -- glad you enjoyed them!