My Name Is Snickerdoodle: Rain, rain


Rain, rain

Don't go away! (it's so dark and dreary outside...sometimes I like those days!)
I hope you rain, rain, rain, rain, rain all day!

So I can continue to tackle this!
I just really wish that I knew how to quilt...for real.


  1. I love that picture! It makes me want to sew! Have fun.

  2. Me too! What fabric store is your fav? I love the fabrics you picked, I feel like when I go into a fabric store there are too many things and I am not sure what to pick so I end up buying a lot of things that I dont really love. I have the same issue at a good restaunt, too many good options I get something I'm not sure about. =)

  3. Holy cuteness! Makes me want to work on my blanket that I have been putting 4-ever!!! I love you new look. Way cute!

  4. That quilt material is so cute.

  5. Go girl, go! That fabric photo energizes me. Just the energy I need to finish my baby's Easter dress. Thank you for inspiring me.