My Name Is Snickerdoodle: Too good to pass up!


Too good to pass up!

So as most of you know, I have started to coupon and like it. With coupons you can get some fantastic deals. Nothing beats a fantastic deal like getting things for FREE with your coupons. If you know me really well (and as stated here on my blog a couple of times) I laaaahuuuuve free stuff. Let me good stuff! I am also a sucker for sample sizes, but that's another story. However, it's so frustrating to me when I know of a free deal and when I go to partake...they are all out. Too many couponers in my area! Yesterday after dinner I came home from the grocer bugged because they were all out of a deal I had heard of. Dumb, I know. To make up for my coupon sadness, I made Ian and Liam go to the mall with me so I could get another free deal. This one you all might be interested in. You can go here to get your coupon to recieve a free tote from Victoria Secret. My store let me pick between 3 different nylon totes so of course I picked a pink and white one. You have until March 10th to sign up to be as cheesy and pathetic as me!!! But at least I am pathetic looking with a pink bag to put whatever I want to in!
Then to top it all off, we went to Target and I got some more free and practically free toiletries. Ian was pretty impressed and was trying to find deals himself. Of course he wouldn't ever admit that!


  1. I use coupons too and I use to get things free when Albertsons had better double/triple - but now I just get money off. How do you find ways to get things free all the time? You are way good - Ian should be impressed.

  2. You VS link doesn't work =/

  3. How do you get things for free or practically free?!? Please share!

    I usually only get .30 cents here or .75 cents there, but nothing close to free.

  4. Hey there! This is Jessica, Stacy's cousin, and I am so thrilled you are back!!!! You still making cakes? If so I have tons of mommies to send your way!!!