My Name Is Snickerdoodle: Busy, busy, busy!


Busy, busy, busy!

We were in go mode for the weekend and it was actually great!
Saturday morning Ian had a photo session with some of our great friends. These are "must check it out" kind of pictures...FABULOUS!
Afterward we met up with some of our family to go to our local Easter Egg Hunt. I wasn't sure how Liam would react, but when there is miles of free candy that you can just pick up off the ground without mom telling you no...he did just fine. (Even if it was nasty candy, but what can you expect for free?)
There was a bear there (I guess they couldn't find a bunny costume) greeting kids. Liam kept saying "bear" in a very loud, high pitched voiced, but did not want to go too close to it. He would just stand there and stare when we put him down. Check out that determined face! And it was really bright out...Ian and I both got our first sunburn of the year. Liam loved the pinwheel he "hunted" for...that is, until he discovered that he also got a paddle ball. Sydney helping Liam with his new shades. The girls.The boys.

We worked up an appetite having some Easter fun so we headed over to Railhead BBQ for some good gut-bustin' food. Grease isn't supposed to taste that good! And if that wasn't enough calories for the week we topped the day off with some blizzards, shakes, cones and dilly bars from DQ. Love those dilly bars thanks to my aunt Lisa!

This weekend also happened to be Conference Weekend so between sessions we headed over to Ian's sister's to fly kites at the park. Well, try to fly kites at the park. It was way too windy and we spent most of our time just trying to get them to stay up. It was fun reguardless! I also made some homemade mozzarella sticks that I forgot to take a picture of, but will post the recipe sometime soon.
Liam's little kite that he got for his birthday actually did the best in staying up in the air. SOOOOOOOO Windy!Daddy and Liam. That's Logan in the back trying to get another kite up.

That night we spent with one of our favorite families, the Meyers. Barbie (the same family Ian took pictures of the day before) was thrown a surprise party by her husband with family and some close friends. OF COURSE their was fabulous food and I ate way too much. So, so fun! It just got me excited for my birthday coming up soon!!!

So today we are trying to recoup. Liam has his 2 year check up today and I am not looking forward to it at all. Let's hope all goes well!


  1. What great photos and it sounds like you had a great weekend, Amy! LD

  2. Amy, you are so pretty. Your boys are cute too, but you look beautiful!

  3. I love easter egg hunts! I have a picture of sky at about the same age with "the look" too. He's funny!

  4. what a fun filled weekend!! and I am so jealous of your suntan!! seriously. it's trying to warm up ehre but nothing to excited about. :( soon enough!!

    you guys look so cute in all the pics! and I LOOOVE your windblown look! very sassy! :)

    love ya! hugs and kisses.

  5. Easter egg hunts are the best. Kennedy has two this weekend, lets hope the weather stays nice. You all look great in the rest of the pictures. And I know I have told you before, but I really like your hair color

  6. What great pictures. Everyone looked like they had so much fun. Liam with his easter basket. He was doing a good job. You could tell it was very hot. Loved all the pictures. I am jealous I wasnt there but soon I will be. What a good looking family.