My Name Is Snickerdoodle: Winner, winner...chicken dinner!


Winner, winner...chicken dinner!

Actually much better than a chicken dinner! I posted about this a while back and now it has come full circle. I actually won this without even meaning to. The funny thing is...see this picture? That is the tile that Shalene made for us, but also used it as her example for her giveaway. So technically I already won by getting that from her in the first place. When she posted that day's giveaway, I was just commenting on how thankful I was by getting the tile in the picture and pleased that she used my font for the circle quote! However, when she did the random generator do-hickey it picked me! She has now given me the opportunity to give it away on my blog! How nice is that?
Sooooooooooo all you faithful blog readers out is your chance to win a fun tile for your home as well. Of course it will be with your name and personalized date (not mine obviously).

Here is what you need to do...
  • Leave me a comment here telling me what your absolutely favorite blog is {with a link if you will} and why you love it! You know...that very first blog you check every time you get on the computer. And, no, I am not fishing for compliments in hopes that you will say mine. I really am on the hunt for some great blogs out there! {If you do not have a personal blog or if it is private, but would like to enter, please leave me your email address so I can contact you...completely write out your email like this (example at emailaddress dot com) as to steer clear from creepers and spam.}
  • If you want a second chance to enter this fab giveaway please subscribe to my blog and leave me another comment that you have done so. {There is a link towards the top right of this page.}
I have really been wanting to give something away on my blog for a while now, but had no clue of what to opportunity to do my laundry didn't seem quite right!

You have until Thursday, May 14th by noon central time to enter. I will post the winner Thursday evening so good luck!


  1. My all time favorite blog is
    sorry I don't know how to do the link thing! Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. My fav blog is We were BFF's in HS and lost touch and now she got me blogging!! What a beautiful giveaway!!

  3. I actually said in my comment on Shalene's blog that this would be perfect for me since our last name starts with W too!! So thank YOU, Amy, for a second chance to win this cool tile. That would look soooooooo good in my living room! I'm just sayin!!

    My favorite blog is And since Chris is my favorite, when she posts (I have all my blogs in Google Reader) I actually save her til last! Everybody else gets read in alpha order!!

  4. I love Wilna Furstenburg's esp if she has a talkie, love to hear her beautiful accent!!

  5. Favorite blog? That's like asking me to pick a favorite child. LOL

    Here's a few I really like:

  6. Just cause it makes me laugh :o)

  7. Uh, count me in and you know I already follow. My favorite blog, besides my own wink wink, is Perfect Harmony. (

  8. I couldn't pick a favorite blog if I tried. I am a serial blog-hopper!! :) My method of madness is to click on whoever has updated recently and go from there.

    I know I will never be disappointed by:

    And someone I came across just today:

    This chick is pretty rad, too:

    There are seriously some awesome people out there! :) Thank you, blogworld.

  9. One of My favorite blogs is Natalies Sentiments (


  10. subscribed in Google

  11. That is SO cute!!!

    The first blog I check (beside you & Susan's of course) is I met her via Cafe Mom and she has such an amazingbittersweet/beautiful story to share.

    What if I've been a subscriber forever? =P

  12. lol, does Tricia know Susan is related to us?

  13. i already subscribe, hello! :)

    and I only really check my girls' blogs. i'm not a blogaholic. lol. sorry!!

    love ya!

  14. my favorite is She has great reviews!

  15. One blog that I LOVE to read is
    Stephanie is such an inspiring woman. Her blog has been so encouraging and uplifting to me. She shares her thoughts beautifully on the gift it is to be a wife and mother. In shoert Nie ROCKS! :)

  16. Does it count if I already subscribed? ;)

  17. Okay already posted once, but wanted to add another one:

  18. one of my favorite blogs is momtog ( It's a photography blog for moms. I love photography and I check it daily for new tips and ideas.

    I love vinyl and this is a great little giveaway!

    Also, I subscribed!

    Love your blog and your photo inspiration too! And your recipes!

  19. How cool that it's totally your font and everything.

    One of my favs is - who doesn't like free stuff, right?!

    Hope you are having a fantastic day. We should get together sometime.

  20. Oh and I'm totally subscribed to you on bloglines... Does that count? ;)

  21. Pick me! Pick me! It's my b-day today...hehe

    So hard to choose... Oh, I can't! Here's a few...I read them in this order: (yes, seriously, yours does get saved for last!)

  22. I love absolutely adore: even though I don't read it everyday. Simply amazing.

    Then there is my friend Jodi's at . Her story, strength, and faith are amazing to behold.

    Btw, I have a post about your blog up on my own along with a link in the sidebar with those that I check regularly.;)