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Nothing witty!

*Blogger is being weird again and won't let me upload my pictures so I had to transfer from Photobucket. And for some reason Photobucket is cutting everything off...ARRRRGGG! I apologize if you cannot view this any larger.

I tend to ramble on and make things more complicated than they really are. Here is the gist of the layout giveaways...
Every Wednesday I will post a layout that I have created.
Every other Wednesday you will have an opportunity to win the layout that day and the layout from the previous week. Capiche?

On the non-giveaway Wednesdays I would like to share tips, fun tools and things that inspire me.
I have posted about her before, but I absolutely LOVE Stephanie's work. If you are a follower of her blog, you also know that she is such a great person as well. One of those people you like to like! Here are some of her layouts that I find inspiring...
These and these PLUS she has a kick butt Etsy Shop! I don't know how she does it, but she does it well!

When creating this layout, I had a 4x6 or 5x7 picture in mind. When I was finished, I thought it would be even better with 2-3 smaller portrait pictures scattered in a row.

Layout {5}

Check back next Wednesday for a chance to win it!

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