My Name Is Snickerdoodle: Bloring



I have really been trying to figure out a daily schedule lately. Not that I am so regimented, but do need some more structure in my life. I was constantly saying that I don't every get anything done, or where has the day gone, or what should I do for dinner when it's already 5:00. I haven't ever really made a menu, but have always wanted to. I got some great tips from Deneigh (don't you love blog friends?) and it really helped me get to the point where I could even start to make a menu. When I found these cute "calendars" from Michael's FOR A DOLLAR, I knew I had no more excuse.
There are 52 pages in each so I know that I can do this for at least 3 years!

Along with my new schedule, I have been busy with yoga (I signed up for the second summer session), swimming with the family and loving a class from Jessica's site. I sure have been missing out this whole time on photoshop and dare I say digital scrapbooking. I have a secrect to the past I have been completely and wholeheartedly against digital scrapbooking. I looked at it as cheating. I have eaten my words. Now, don't think I am going to completely change over, but now I will consider some hybrid layouts!
Here are some of my latest projects from Jessica's class...
Susan also took the class and has some great pictures!


  1. Glad you tried digital out! Love your photos!

  2. great photos! I love those calendars...did you get them there recently?

  3. digi-scrappin is awesome!! glad you are enjoying it! love the LOs. :)

  4. Now I want to go buy calendars and write things on them. Thanks.

  5. I need to get into some type of scrap booking. I need more time in my days. Very cute pic's and i
    I'm digging the calendar idea. Think I might steal your idea.

  6. love these! i can see these blown up and hanging on the wall! love them and thanks for the shout out.=0)

    (reminds me i have one of those calendars that i bought for that purpose-oops!)

  7. hey, i love that font! Could you tell me what the name of it is and where yo got it? jthesavage (at)