My Name Is Snickerdoodle: I could just squeeze him!


I could just squeeze him!

And I do...every day! It's adorable pictures like these that help me forget all of the tantrums (that proceed with him huffing off to his room and slamming the would think he was a teenager already), relentless toys everywhere, hearing no constantly (by him not me), pushing littler kids around when he doesn't like what they are doing, throwing things, picky eating and did I mention tantrums? Those moments are fleeting (reguardless if I know this will last until he is 4 years old) compared to the million of sweet moments the come throughout the day compliments of this wonderful boy.
This delicious "minty" cookie recipe is coming up on Friday. Liam felt the need to only eat the chocolate off the top.


  1. sweet boy. i love the pic of him with the blankie. he is growing up sooo fast. it's crazy. we love you, Liam!!

  2. I could squeeze him to. Love all the pixs.

  3. Amy, just wanted to make sure you got the journal jar ok? Love your blog btw!

  4. precious pictures!!!!!!!!