My Name Is Snickerdoodle: Trying



to catch up on Liam's albums. I used to have to scrapbook in chronological order, but I get really bored with that now. I didn't take the greatest of pictures because I didn't check which setting it was on. Oh, well...atleast they are done!
I have had that Superman comic paper for years! I am finally glad that I used it!You can flip open the 1st cake picture. I wrote a small letter to Liam there. I did this one forever ago, but I don't think I posted it. Rachel just had her second little baby girl and we are so excited for them!!!

Only 1 1/2 more days until the giveaway ends so make sure you get your name in there!


  1. Ohmylanta! That pic of us 3 was right after I had Allie!! Crazy to think you've been in Texas that long. Ahh, good memories. :) love the Superman page! Allie should be Spider this year. LOL
    Miss yer guts!

  2. They are very good. So cute.

  3. I love your recipes amy! I just printed a bunch of them off to make my grocery list. You are so talented you make me sick :)
    Love you guys!