My Name Is Snickerdoodle: Happy Fall!


Happy Fall!

Fall is officially here...This time of year always makes me nostalgic for...

Driving up American Fork Canyon with the windows rolled down. My favorite was when I had an old beat up VW Bug...I miss that car! (Not a picture of AF Canyon)
Breaking out the Cocomotion and having hot chocolate almost every night. Or stopping by Border's and getting their ho cho...simple the best! Ian and I are thinking about throwing a ho cho party. I will let you know how that goes!
Making Pumpkin Muffins...Sometimes with raisins and sometimes with chocolate chips...YUM!
Going to the pumpkin patch with my family. Last year we had a blast so we are going again. We are going to a different one this year. One we went to years ago so I hope it's as good as I remember.
And sprinkle doughnuts...I am not sure why, but I always associate sprinkle doughnuts with fall. Maybe that's why they are my favorite because fall is my favorite!
Fall also makes me miss my wonderful friend, Julie. She and her family are going through a major change in their lives and I wish them all the best!

All pictures were found on Flickr.


  1. i'm sad to see summer go...even more sad that i'm sure it left us a month ago, but look forward to the time change! yippeeeeeee!

  2. Sprinkle doughnuts are my favorite! I wish it would turn into fall here, it is still 100 degrees!!

  3. Now I am craving a sprinkle doughnut. Thanks.

  4. Oh, I agree with you, fall is my favorite too! I'm sure Rachel is wishing you were here to throw that Ho Cho party. You throw the cutest parties!

  5. Fall is here. The Utah mountains have started turning into fall leaves. Summer is gone and went by fast. You should have a Ho Cho Party. That should be your tradional thing.

  6. that's funny. i associate fall with peanut covered donuts. yum!

  7. The best season of all!!

  8. I'm with Danielle, I need a sprinkle donut.....

  9. Isn't fall the best time of year? These were great, descriptive pictures--now I am craving a hot chocolate! And I want to go find a pumpkin.