My Name Is Snickerdoodle: Is it too early to send this off?


Is it too early to send this off?

Dear Santa,

I know you are a busy man, bringing toys, happiness and joy to all the little girls and boys. I was hopping to get this letter into you sooner rather than later to insure you had plenty of time to work out the details. Only one little item is on my Christmas list...I am sure it wouldn't take up too much of your sleigh space. All I want is a money tree. I would promise to take really good care of it and make sure to use it wisely, water it daily and sing to it if necessary. I hope I sent this to you in time...and remember, I think you are absolutely fabulous (and real)!



  1. Can I say how weirdly connected we are?! I just stole this picture off the internet because for enrichment tomorrow night we are having a "stretch your dollar" night. And because of it our centerpieces on the tables are branches with play money from the dollar store hanging on it!

  2. Deneigh...I think I might start believing in alternate universes!

  3. lol, send one my way!!!