My Name Is Snickerdoodle: Nerdy Alert!


Nerdy Alert!

Stephanie Meyer announced that her book, "The Host" is being made into a movie. We all knew it would be...even as I was reading it, I was "watching" it in my mind like a movie. So here are my picks of who I think should be the characters...I warned you this would be nerdy!!!

Melanie...Evagaline Lilly
Ian...Tom Welling
Jared...Jensen Ackles
Kyle (Ian's Brother)...Jason Behr
Jamie...Graham Phillips
Uncle Jeb...Blake Clark
Doc...Hugh Laurie (a bit of a stretch, but I pictured him while reading the book)
The Seeker...Camilla Bell
Wanda...Amanda Seyfried
Finding these pictures I came across other people who thought some of these were a perfect fit too.
And this song couldn't be more perfect...

If you haven't read this book, you need to. It's not as syfy-ie as I thought it was going to be. A great turn on the whole alien invasions stories that are already out there.


  1. when i heard that song for the firdt time, I always thought of The Host!!! it just fits too perfect!!! love it!!!! :)

    love you. kisses from the girls!

  2. ewww I do not like LOST girl. She bugs me in LOST...everyone else looks good hehe

  3. I agree 100%. You're good. Who would play you in a movie about your life?

  4. ooo, good picks...however, i was so NOT a fan of the book...i was expecting a lot more being it was supposed to be an *adult* book (not referring to s@x)...a lot less adult than twilight, i thought. i'll wait and watch it for free, unless they totally change it up.

  5. You are nerdy!(: Just kidding!!! I thought you were right on! I loved the book once I got past page 100.

  6. I've never read the host but if the movie cast is anything like your picks I'll def. see the movie!