My Name Is Snickerdoodle: You know I just have to do this...


You know I just have to do this...


  1. That was absolutely fantastic!! Only 2 more months, I'm so excited.
    My cousin in Utah says they have THEMED theaters there, lol...with $50 grab bags! Why can't they have that here in Texas?!

  2. I just read this post! I was wondering when we were goign to see something like this :)

    Did you know on Fandango you can purchase tickets for the movie already? I didn't believe it until I got an email froma woman in my ward who was encouraging everyone to buy theirs so we can all go together to the midnight show! So, needless to say I bought my ticket last night-now I just have to patiently wait.....

  3. You are so evil for posting this!!!! ; )

  4. Hehe ok so now I'm excited!