My Name Is Snickerdoodle: Distractions



Sometimes distractions can be a good thing (sorta)...I have been
  • eating a ton of candy (sent by wonderful family and friends)
  • playing with Liam
  • spending quality snuggle time with Ian
  • watching 'The Proposal' over and over
  • reading 'Hunger Games' in 2 1/2 days...I highly recommend it
  • finding myself dreaming about the above book so I buy the sequel
  • reading 'Catching Fire' in 4 dying that I have to wait for the third!
  • enjoying the library with Liam
  • Ian making me dinner and doing the dishes {a.k.a} taking me out to dinner
  • laughing my guts out...Poopy Cakas...I cried I laughed so hard. Mostly due to the hormones that are trying to escape my body.
  • making a baby scrapbook for Ian's coworker who is absolutely adorable and due in January. Her shower was on Thursday. Some friends thought I was nuts for doing this while going through this, but it was cathartic (most of the time...I will admit that some tears were shed)
  • absolutely loving the fact there is a new scrapbook store within 5 minutes of me. All of the scrapbook stores have closed since we lived here last and I was having to resort to Michaels...not so fun!
  • getting super excited that there is only 34 days until NEW MOON comes out!!!
  • listened to Liam laugh his guts out at Dumbo. I got it from the library and he LOVES it! Especially the part where Dumbo gets drunk and blows bubbles. Lovely!
I am sure I will pay for eating so much candy, but I am giving myself until tomorrow to throw caution to the wind and just enjoy simple things for now. I am going to start up yoga at the rec center soon and I am completely looking forward to that. I am sure it will not only help my physical wellness, but my mental as well!


  1. Love, Love the Proposal, so funny. Only a month more until New Moon, and couldn't be more ecstatic. Have you heard the soundtrack? I'm dying to get it, and secretly hoping you will put a few songs on your blog :)

  2. Just take time to do the things you want to do. Take it easy for awhile. It is okay.

  3. I am dying to read those books!! I have heard about them from soooo many people! I always forget to look for it when I am out, though!

  4. Having such a wonderful support system helps alot. and it won't always hurt this much. i promise