My Name Is Snickerdoodle: New Moon Checklist


New Moon Checklist

  • Midnight show tickets ✓
  • Handmade fanpire shirt ✓
  • Camping chair (thanks to our insight last year we are going to be smart this year too) ✓
  • Geared up to wait in line for 8 hours (hence the camping chair) ✓
  • Catnap (because we plan on going out after the midnight show is over) crossing my fingers that I can get one in!
  • All caught up on my Twilight Saga news, interviews and video clip (found here and here) ✓
  • Treats all packed away in my purse ✓
  • Looking forward to hanging out with friends ✓
  • Extremely thrilled to see 'Edward' on the big screen again ✓✓
  • Wetting my pants because I am SO excited this night is finally here...NEVER...well, maybe!

This isn't my shirt, but I think it's hilarious (thanks, Lori!)
And of course, a little clip!


  1. Oh my gosh I am so excited! I just watched the trailer like 4 times in a row, thanks for posting it! I can't believe it's finally here! YAY!

  2. YAY!!! Hope you have fun!!

  3. hilarious! ;) i'm excited!!! love ya.

  4. Amy, y'all need a megaplex out there girl!! 8 hours? SHEESH!! But it will be so much fun I'm sure :) You are so funny, crackin' up at your list. Have fun!!

  5. TOTALLY jealous that I will be here either vomiting or sleeping....check!

  6. Now that we've both seen it, I am anxiously awaiting your reaction. Mine? LOVED IT!.. Holy cow, could Jacob be any hotter? I went home and told Troy it was time to get his old body back. Then I can have a Jacob of my own again ;)

  7. love it and sounds like you were more than ready to go. wish i was there!