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Completely Random

My mom brought me an early Christmas present when she came to visit and I absolutely love it. It's a card holder from one of my fav stores in Utah, Rod Works. One of everything please! I feel so adult getting Christmas cards from friends and family and wanted something to display them so this is perfect. We have gotten quite a few more since this picture and it's filling up...thanks for thinking of us! And thank you, Mom!

Ian had a fabulous birthday (or so he says). I secretly made him his very own quilt out of his old shirts and cords that I have kept over the years.
I really don't know what made me keep them, but I am sure glad that I did. He is such a blanket guy so he is really enjoying the "love". The night before we went out to Salt Grass Steakhouse and then did some Christmas Shopping ala date night/birthday celebration. Then on the actual birthday date, we went over to his twin sister's house for desserts. Growing up they always took a birthday picture in front of the tree, but neither one of them would oblige me for nostalgic reasons.
Speaking of desserts, I have been eating a million and one brownie bites (see recipe tomorrow). Ian's cousin invited me to a cookie exchange where one of the rules are to bring 6 dozen of your goodies. I haven't really been feeling all that well over the last few weeks and this week was one of the worst! I finally went to the dr. and he put me on antibotics and other meds. Curse this crud because it's caused me to miss out on the cookie exchange, making ginger bread houses with friends and a little preschool party for Liam. Bah Humbug to you virus!

We bought the movie Julie & Julia on iTunes and have watched it a couple times since...I adore this movie. One, because I love the parallel they made between the two ladies. Two, because of all the yummy food. And three, because of the fun blog humor! A definite must watch!

Isn't always great to meet new friends? We made some new ones last week and they are the best! Delicious Mexican food was eaten and we ended up leaving the restaurant 3 HOURS LATER! And not because the service was horrible, but because we all couldn't stop talking to each other. Good times!


  1. Glad you like the rod iron christmas tree. It is so cute. Really good looking quilt. You did a great job making it Amy and I know Ian will cherish it. Great picture of you Ian and Amory.

  2. i saw that movie recently and tom and i both loved it. and i love the quilt. i've got my stash going...i see an old navy flag shirt quilt for each of the kids when they move out-it's a tradition to get one each year....and i've got tom's old it!

  3. Pretend I had the energy to do a Christmas card this year and ours is on your cute card holder. Awesome blanket, your too talented!