My Name Is Snickerdoodle: This little elf


This little elf

sure is making our Christmas season bright!
Saturday Ian and I were lounging around and Liam was helping himself to the kitchen cabinets. He created this little bunt pan tree and then topped it with a beautiful spring form pan star mold. Both Ian and I were secretly watching him and when he was done he proclaimed as loud as he could, "MERRY KISSMAS!"
Ian and I busted a gut laughing it up!
We comment all the time that we truly cannot picture our lives without our little Liam!

I may or may not go off the radar for a bit. I have had this evil cough for months now and now have a sinus infection that I am trying to take care of. The meds I got yesterday from the doctor are making me feel even worse, but I will hang in there and pray for the best!


  1. Wow!! I love the heart pan pic!! He is such an adorable boy!!

  2. That is so cute. He has such a vivid imagination. It is wonderful. Hope your cough gets better.

  3. how CUTE is he???? LOVE it.

    feel better soon, sweetie. i love ya.