My Name Is Snickerdoodle: Happy Valentine's Day!


Happy Valentine's Day!

Ian and I have a debate about sugar cookies. I like mine soft with a thin amount of buttery frosting. He likes his semi crunchy combined with a perfect balance of softness in the middle and a healthy dose (heaps) of frosting on top. He has begged me in the past to make his mother's sugar cookies. Now you know how I have felt (past tense pointed out there) about making his mother's recipes and this was one that I just did not want to put the effort into. A few years ago I gave in and tried the recipe that she had given me when we first got married. They were awful. Ian wouldn't even eat them and claimed that I had done something wrong. So a few years later I gave them another try, following the recipe perfectly. Again, awful. At the time I then claimed that his mother had tried to sabotage me by giving me a hokey recipe. Do you remember the "Everybody Loves Ramond" episode where the mother in law gives the wife a lasagna recipe (I think) and really did sabotage it? Too funny! Come to find out...she did give me the wrong recipe. But, not on purpose. She had written it down wrong and then to top it off, it wasn't even the sugar cookie recipe that she had used all these years. I love her.

Finally for Liam's birthday I got the "correct" recipe and made a few Valentine cookies to enjoy. I love to sit and decorate them the most. I am excited this year because Ian said that he would take care of Valentine's day this year. In the past we haven't done anything too spectacular...mostly because our anniversary is so close. I'm looking forward to seeing what he comes up with!

And for more randomness...we (meaning me and Liam) have been enjoying the snow that came to Texas. Ian hates it, but boo to him! He just hates driving in it which I can understand. We got somewhere around 12 inches!!! Crazy! The morning after the huge storm I came out to "shovel" our walk with my dust pan (who has a snow shovel in Texas?) and I heard Liam come out behind me. I knew he wasn't dressed so I quickly tell him to go back in. I continue to clear the walk and I hear some more shoveling from somewhere behind me. I didn't hear him come back out so when I turn around I had to laugh for a minute. Liam, only wearing his underwear, no shoes, is standing in the snow covered lawn with one of my good kitchen spatulas, "shoveling" the snow. Again, I quickly tell him to get back's freezing! He just looks at me and says,"But mom, I'm helping." Oh, he cracks me up! The snow is melting away today, but I think it will take it a while to be gone completely.

Here is our little "helper" enjoying the brownie bites I made last week. I think potty training is under control. We have had a week straight of no accidents! Thanks to some advice from my cousin Ciera and another friend we took care of it! It's so nice now and I still have most of my hair!

We have also been enjoying our tax return...thank you Costco, Best Buy and Ikea for having some fantastic things to purchase!


  1. I would have thought the same thing about my mother-in-law giving me the wrong recipe. ha ha! that's too funny. And I love the look of your cookies! Just adorable.

  2. Happy Valentines Day. Your cookies look very good. You both are good cooks. Love the pic of Liam and his Grandma Belinda.