My Name Is Snickerdoodle: The last couple of days...


The last couple of days...

I have been...
  • taking care of my super sick husband (seriously, I haven't ever seen him this sick before. 104 temp, aches, throwing up, chills, headache...not good!) but I am grateful that he if finally 80% better today.
  • watching the Olympics which I don't think I have ever done before. Quite intriguing.
  • probably only watching the Olympics because they are in Vancouver...I miss being in BC!
  • wanting poutine really, really BAD (thanks to the Olympics)! I am going to attempt to make it some day soon. In the meantime, I will just make some perogies. The Olympics have got me bad!
  • completely grateful that I bought this shirt for Liam and it already looked vintage. He has worn it 3 days straight and I have a feeling more days are to come of him being "super"!
  • saying a million and one tearful prayers for a certain family member and their new born baby. Hoping for the best!


  1. Hey! I wanted to let you know how much I love that felt heart you sent! It's so cute, I have it out even though Valentine's Day was a couple weeks ago, hehe. Thanks again! Lovin your blog and I hope everything works out with your family member and their little one.

  2. We are with you on wanting to make poutine (how ever it it spelled). I made a delicious cheese strata today with left over (rock hard) french bread. We had it for dinner and it was delicious.

  3. I'm glued to the Olympics as well! That speed skating is my favorite at the moment. And Liam's Superman shirt is adorable.

  4. got my heart today. :) i gave it to Allie to open. cuuuute!!!

    love that shirt for Liam!! can i just say that I want to be Spidee AND Batgirl so I can be a DC Comic with you and Jenn. hehe.