My Name Is Snickerdoodle: Under a rock


Under a rock

Tonight I discovered an amazing (borderline evil) thing...the store, Sephora. I am sure a certain cousin is having heart palpitations right now that I haven't been in before, but it was HEAVEN! I went with a purpose of finding some fancy glittered eyeshadow (inspired by the fabulous Celine Dion who was on Oprah today). I was only supposed to be gone for a few minutes (since the mall is just down the street) and was there an hour! I highly suggest that everyone spend some time there...just make sure to leave your wallet in the car! I was good and only made two small purchases and came out satisfied...kind of.

*I sent off a bunch of felt heart pins today, but still need more of your addresses if you won here.


  1. LOVES IT! Sign up with them and you get a free gift every year for your B-day!

    *If you ever need advice on glitter eyeshadow, I'm your girl.

  2. I rarely go to the NE mall, but I do love Sephora. It is expensive though, so I only get things I know I will use a lot. Love it!

  3. Love Sephora. Did you see they were putting one in Penny's?!

  4. I loved her eyeshadow too! It looked elegant, not teenybopper.

  5. Sephora IS heaven! I have been there a million times and can still spend at least an hour in there every time@