My Name Is Snickerdoodle: Phew!



I think we are almost out of the woods with my gimpiness! They are feeling SO much better and look better as well. I go into the pod dr. tomorrow and let's hope they are healing as well as he had hoped. I am also getting the news on whether or not we can even make our little 22 hour trek to Utah or not. Crossing my fingers he says yes because I need a family and friend fix!

We got a BBQ grill (used) this week and I so excited for all the yummy possibilities. I did marinaded chicken yesterday and hopefully we will get to do kabobs tonight. Ian is the master griller thanks to our wonderful friend, Randy. He gave Ian some fantastic pointers a few years back and Ian has been dying to use them. Let me tell you...PERFECTION! Details to come soon.

Sidenote: Totally digging the song, Bulletproof by La Roux lately. Brings me back to the days that I wish I could rock the electric keyboard!


  1. Glad you are feeling better. Hope you guys can come to Utah.

  2. yay! so howd the doc appt go? hope you are okay and on your way here!!! i cannot wait to see you. and rub the belly! i love you.