My Name Is Snickerdoodle: Just...



when I come back, I leave again. We are moving...25 minutes away, but we still have to get a truck, pack everything, clean till we can clean no more, cancel utilities, start up new utilities and then unpack.

And, it's happening in 9 days...

I may or may not be able to "pre-blog" some entries for your entertainment.
I may or may not get everything packed so nice and neat.
I may or may not want to scream at the top of my lungs after these next two weeks are over.
I may or most definitely feel extremely excited and nervous (yet sad to leave close friends who will now be 25 minute away friends) to uproot again!


  1. Ugh, moving is no fun at the best of times. I am sure that moving at short notice while pregnant is worse. Hope it all goes smoothly and that you're in your new digs quickly and painlessly. :)

  2. TOTALLY going to miss you, doll. but i hope that many blessings and opportunities await you in your new location!!! :)

  3. moving can be bittersweet. because you can be excited about the NEW place but not excited about cleaning the old place, you know? consider a chance to de-clutter and get rid of stuff you haven't used since you got to Texas! ;) wish we were closer so we could all come over and help and then plaaaaay!! make sure you just "supervise" okay??? ;) love ya.

  4. 9 days...not long at all. Wish we were there to help you. Moving is not fun at all, but you are moving to a very nice place.

  5. WHAT?!? We are going to miss you so much! I would call to get more details, but sounds like you are busy. I am free to help pack or help keep Liam busy next week. Let me know how I can help.