My Name Is Snickerdoodle: Cycles



There are many different kinds of cycles.

rinse cycles
pride cycles
monthly cycles

...and then there is what I call the blah cycle. I am currently trying to get out of the blah cycle circle that I frequently find myself in.
What do you do get rid of the blahs?


  1. * jump in the car and go somewhere I haven't been before (could be a new antique store, a new park for my kids, a new resturant,or just a drive, etc)
    * get a pedi, or a hairut, or both :)
    *download some new music from itunes.
    *get some friends together for a scrap evening, a quick lunch, or a play date.
    *clean out a closet or junk drawer. i find things i forgot i had, and at the very least get organized and clear out stuff i don't need or want anymore.

    i'm going through a blah cycle too. going to get a pedi tomorrow :)

  2. I usually go outside and do something with Brennon. It could be going to the pool, setting up our kiddie pool, or just giving him the water hose and let him go!

  3. awwww, no bleh cycle!!! no, no, no! we were just there and had so much fun. i miss your preggo guts. haha.
    hmmm, what do i do?? i go coupon shopping by myself. seriously. it makes me happy, it helps my family save money and i get to listen to my ipod really really loud and not have to worry i am going to lose a kid in the store. ;)

  4. Well, it seems like I always have stuff that I need to do but not time to do things that I really want to do and after awhile I really start getting into a blah cycle. I think you should post a pic of your ginormous work of art you just got and love. =) That ought to help.

  5. Get out of the house for sure! I love the idea of a pedi! Or just shopping!! Maybe something new for the little baby! :)