My Name Is Snickerdoodle: Happy Cheesecake Day!


Happy Cheesecake Day!

I can't even think about any other food than cheesecake no new recipes today!
I just celebrated National Cheesecake Day with two very wonderful friends, Lori and Debbie.
We (meaning me) gorged ourselves on fabulous food (the chicken sandwich sliders and chicken quesadilas are divine coupled with the fried zucchini) then topped off the meal with 1/2 OFF cheesecake.
The newest little sweet baby of the Factory is their peanut butter cup goodness.
Highly recommended!
Friends, food and cheesecake. Does life get any better? Well...yes it does, but I don't know if today can!


  1. Happy Cheesecake Day to you too!

    I got my cherry cheesecake and banana cream pie cheesecake too! And I will agree, Lori and Debbie are fabulous! :)

  2. We are going tonight and I can hardly wait. I want to try the new PB one. Does it have a strong cheesecake taste or more PB and chocolate? Mmmm.....

  3. happy cheesecake day! YUMMY!!!!