My Name Is Snickerdoodle: More re-do's


More re-do's

What I have been checking off of my to do re-do list...(all are above my kitchen cabinets which once we get all arranged properly I will post a pic!)

I found this frame at Marshall's for $4.99 and knew instantly what to do with it.
I stitched "Bliss" with white thread onto black felt and framed it. Covered the frame front with scrapbook paper and added a white card stock paper flower.

And remember this crate paper rose ball from like 2 hours ago. It already got a make over (even though the sucker took me 4+ hours to make). Everyone kept teasing me that I had a head of lettuce up just wasn't the right color.

So I took this...
and this...(which I already had)
and created this...
The base might be getting a coat of gray soon. I haven't fully decided yet.

When we first moved in, Ian found this by the dumpster and brought it home. WHO KNOWS why, but that's the story. UGLY!
So I painted it and turned it into a frame...
I think I am done re-doing things for now...I am onto making the baby's quilt and baby scrapbook all while trying to nest every nook and cranny of this joint.

Okay...who I am kidding?
I have been sitting around crying about food and watching Prison Break on Netflix with Ian. Anyone want to hire me a maid and chef for these last few weeks of my elephant gestation (one of my favorite Gilmore Girls episodes btw)? I would really appreciate it.


  1. Wow. These are beautiful! Will you come and "nest" at my house?

  2. Uummm....can you come do this to my house?? Maybe it would be better to wait until we're in San Diego...I'll take you to Disneyland & Sea World, promise!

  3. Wow. All the frames are just so pretty. Great job.

  4. oooh, i LOVE your re-dos! they are each so perfect. and totally fit your style. ;) I MISS YOU!!!!!!

  5. You are so crafty, love it. Seriously order that baby vac now before baby O comes. I didn't order mine until Shelby had her first cold (takes 2 weeks to ship). Night and day difference. Love Ya!!