My Name Is Snickerdoodle: Arivaderchi



**I just googled 'arivaderchi' to get the spelling right and
I totally got it on the first try!
Can you believe it?**


Liam no longer takes an afternoon snooze like the good ol' days. Okay, maybe once a week, but nothing like the blissful 3-hour-nap-a-day schedule he was on two weeks ago. I thought it was going to be perfectly planned when baby came by getting them on at least one synchronized nap, but that looks like a fail.

However, these guys get a daily nap...lucky suckers!


  1. You might get lucky like I did. My just barely 4 year old went through a phase, where for about 2 weeks he would not nap. At about 5pm he was in near meltdown mode. To solve the problem I put him in his room with some books and some quiet toys. I told him it was quiet time, and he had to stay in his room until I came to get him. Then I left him with his door cracked open just enough for me to peek in on him from time to time. I leave him in there for an hour if he doesn't fall asleep. Most of the time though when I check on him after he has been in there for about 15 or 20 minutes he is fast asleep with a book over his face :)

    I have 3 little ones (ages 4,2, and almost 9 months), so I NEED the down time. They occasionally all nap at the same time (Pure Bliss I tell ya'!), but most of the time their naps are staggered throughout the afternoon. Its nice to have some one-on-one time with my little girl playing dolls or legos, or reading and tickling my chubba baby.

    Once your little one gets here you will find a rythym that works for you and your cute little family. Don't give up on the naps just yet :)

  2. It was the good old days when he would take a nap. He is growing up fast. So handsome. Love the little animals and characters on the bed. That is adorable.

  3. i feel for ya. i am dreading when Allie stops napping...