My Name Is Snickerdoodle: Greatness



In the hospital Liam discovered that feeding little brother was actually kind of fun. Now that we are home he thinks it's still fun (half of the time) and is a great helper. He gut laughs when I burp Owen and he makes "funny" faces. I sure hope they will be best friends.
He was so proud of himself for being a good big brother.

Speaking of best friends...I am so grateful for my bestest, Lori (above)! She sure took care of us in the hospital and brought me my favorite things. Just as I know my other bestest friends would if they lived closer. Miss you and love you long distant besties!


  1. Hey momma! Hope you are doing well! Can you help me spread the word about this FAST?

  2. please please give Lori a HUUUUUGE hug from me and Jenn. she is such an ANGEL! and you know i don't use that word lightly when it comes to our girls. we miss you so much and we talk about you and baby Owen and Liam and Ian aaaaallll the time. give baby O a big hugn kiss from his aunties!!! we looooove you guys.