My Name Is Snickerdoodle: I think I read too many blogs


I think I read too many blogs

As you know I am a huge fan of Google Reader.
I love that it organizes everything for me.
AND gives me a total of blog posts...I finally got through
over 12o0 entries of some of my favorite blogs that I have
been missing since little Owen came around.
Even though I have a ton more fun recipes to try out and
fun new fashion looks for the fall/winter...
I think it's time to pair down my "blog hobby" again.


  1. Ok. I have almost 600 unread in my Google Reader and it's only from 2 days! Problems.

    I'm loving all the pics of your little guy. He's so cute!


  2. I can totally relate. I love the food blogs too! Especially right now with the yummy cookie recipes. I know you are trying to whittle your list down but if you don't have this one, add it. She never has a recipe that I don't love!