My Name Is Snickerdoodle: Too Soon


Too Soon

My good friend, Mandy gave me these fabulous onsie stickers so that I could document Owen every month on his birthday. Can you believe he will be 2 months old next Sunday? I already see that he wants to be a big boy, play with his brother, eat me out of house and home and borrow the keys to the car! He has changed so much since birth. I feel a little different this time around...I kinda want him to grow up because I know how much fun Liam is. I look forward to all of those milestones and for my boys to play together (nicely I hope). I do really enjoy holding and snuggling him because I am such a baby person so that part of me is a tiny bit sad every day that he is growing up. But at least he is doing it the cute way!
I love that he is in the very same position...just twice as chubby!

{That is his quilt I made about a month before he was born. I went back and forth on whether I liked it or not (I tend to do that with my finished creations) and now absolutely LOVE it!}


  1. oh hooray! love that he is getting bigger!!! and i ADORE your quilt!

  2. thats such a great idea! You'll have to let me know where to get those :)

  3. So cute. Give him lots of love and kisses from grandma. Miss you guys.