My Name Is Snickerdoodle: Watch out for road construction


Watch out for road construction she is in half her new blog!!! I still have some work to do, but please feel free to look around and give me your feedback. I fully give Ian, my personal IT guy and who also happens to be a hottie to boot, 90% of the credit. He pushed me to make decisions, took my ideas and ran with them and made things happen around here!
Looking at this color palate
makes me want a hot dog pink lemonaid, reeeaaal bad!
{Anyone? Anyone?}


  1. It looks fantastic, Amy!!

  2. I am loving it!!! Can't wait to see what else is coming. What is the "Inspire" area for?

  3. Love it! Pinks, Oranges and Purples have been my go to colors lately.

  4. I love the colors!! I am a little worried that the recipe section doesn't work! What am I going to make?? :)