My Name Is Snickerdoodle: I spy with my little eye...


I spy with my little eye...

...a SPY!
Last week it was my turn to teach preschool. After 4 months of not teaching I was a little frazzled at the thought, but it was pretty fantastic and happened without a hitch! In pre-preparing I thought I had the letter T so I wanted to do a treasure hunt for things that started with T. I collected Capri Sun boxes because I wanted to make each of them a treasure chest. HOWEVER, I found out the week before that I had the letter S. What to do? It came to me two days before I had to teach to make a spy kit...a super spy kit. There wasn't anything I could think of that started with the letter S, but I tried to include things that at least had the letter S in it.

First, I painted a double coat of tempura black onto the box. Hindsight, I should have sanded it down a little because it's pretty slick.
Once it dried completely, I added some metallic sticker paper corners and cut a flap for the opening. Inside the box I taped down the circle finger holes and hot glued the side shut.
I printed a personalized label for each boy and included the following items (minus the magnifying glass because I couldn't find one and completely forgot to make one like I wanted.)
To start off the activity I gave them each a top secret file folder. Inside I wrote, "Find things that start with the letter S." I had hidden all of the supplies here and there. I got my treasure hunt after all. I think the boys liked it. I know that Liam hasn't put his down since and loves to pretend he is someone else completely when he puts on his disguise!


  1. Carter LOVES his spy kit!

  2. Great ideas. Super job. That starts with a S. Liam likes his.

  3. Liam needs to see a dentist, post haste!!

    What a great "S" treat for the kids.

  4. Nolan loves his too... but hides it all the time so Coco won't get it... then forgets where he puts it. So he 'treasure hunts' all over again! So cute!!

  5. You are so cool. Seriously. Super Spy Kits AND featured on Tasty Kitchen?! I have an amazing woman for a friend.

  6. Very creative. I know my boys would love it. Way to go!

  7. I want to be in your preschool group! Not my kids - me!