My Name Is Snickerdoodle: It's Dessert Week...


It's Dessert Week...

over at Real Women Of Philadelphia!
It's also the last week of the recipe contest!
You still have a chance to win $500 for your recipes and this week's theme is Mini Desserts!
I am in the RWOP kitchen again so check out my most recent "professional" video!!!

I made Mini Chocolate Toffee Cheese Balls!
But, let's face one could eat just one!


  1. Amy you are AMAZING! How fabulous! I LOVE watching you perform. You are so awesome. Looking forward to trying out this great recipe as well! xoxo

  2. Love it. Your are great. We are so proud of you. We love how you are following your dreams.

  3. amazing job! you are the bomb diggity...or whatever the hip lingo is these days for being super cool. ;) i will give these a shot. looks yummy!