My Name Is Snickerdoodle: I am so ready!


I am so ready!

My house has never been more clean than it has these last couple of days.
I am wiped out most days before I even get out of bed.
I shave my legs every day now.
All the bags are packed.

I am so ready for this baby to come! Technically I still have 25 more days to go, but I don't see how that is even possible. I am feeling pains, stretches and movements that indicate he wants out, but no contractions yet! Not to mention that I am ginormously HUGE...even to the point where people are starting to stare!!!! I am hoping for this week, but I have a ton of stuff to get done so maybe that won't be a great idea. Maybe right after if I can truly plan when this baby comes when I am not having a c-section. Just my ramblings as a sleep deprived pregnant woman! Thanks for loving me anyways!

So, I finished his quilt a few weeks ago...

The more I see it the more I fall in love with it! Our boys love their blankies so much that I hope this little ones loves his, too!

Over the weekend my mom sent me some pretty adorable burp cloths that she made along with the stuffed animal that my dad picked out for baby (not pictured).

It's a tradition in my family that my dad buys my children their very first toy which is always a snuggle-y stuffed animal. I absolutely love it and look forward to see what he will pick out.

Alright...give me your "wives-tales" ways of
putting yourself into labor...I know you all have them!


  1. There are no "wives Tales". The baby will come when the baby is ready.

  2. I tried walking, pedicures, etc. but nothing worked... so, I put myself into labor with Pitocin!

  3. Nipple stimulation, and lots of s-e-x!

  4. Bless your heart! I had three boys in less than 3 years and by the last one, I was desperately ready to have the baby! I c-sectioned all of mine so I don't have any experience. BUT i have lots of friends who swear by HERBAL Raspberry Tea! It supposedly helps break down the placenta in the last few weeks of pregnancy. oh and sex, I am sure that is the last thing on your mind but it helps with placenta break down and spurs on contractions.

  5. LOVE the quilt - you are so talented!

    No tips to share. Can't wait to meet and snuggle your newest little guy!

  6. Well, just remember that the baby is far easier to take care of inside than out. And you're not going to get any more sleep one the baby's out either!

    I went in to labor on my own with all but my first. There are 6. The only thing i found that "worked" was just waiting. But, for me, if I had a solid good night's in the sleep of the dead...I knew the baby was coming within 24 hours.

    I know you're super ready, but boys need to cook longer. And 37 weekers can still have some breathing problems, esp boys. Try to hold out another 2 weeks at least!

  7. So this is why you wanted to go on the nature hike! I thought you were crazy... now I know you are just impatient. :) Big hugs for all of your (little) boys.

  8. So this is why you wanted to go on the nature hike! I thought you were crazy... now I know you are just impatient. :) Big hugs for all of your (little) boys.

  9. Very cute blanket. I bet Liam and Owen enjoyed the suckers. Great recipe for the eggs.

  10. That baby boy is so lucky.

    And I love that you're shaving your legs every day. You really are ready. :)