My Name Is Snickerdoodle: Are You Dressing Up?


Are You Dressing Up?

This year we are going old school with our family's Halloween costumes. 

Liam really really wants to be a robot.  Complete with a box covered in foil, dryer vent arms and maybe even tissue box feet.

Owen saw the monkey costume in the closet that Liam wore this year and went bonkers when we put it on him.  Actually, I was about to let him sleep in it because he wouldn't take it off!

Slone might be Clark Kent turning into Superman.  I have all the stuff, but am not quite sure yet.

And then I saw this picture and remembered that Ian joked he wanted to as Jareth from Labyrinth.  But then I saw that Slone has red and white stripped pj's and that got me thinking...mmm...did I just reveal how big of a nerd I am???  And I'm not sure if you could find grey tights for someone who is 6'4"!  Yikes!   If you have no idea what I'm talking about you must watch this immediately.  Best Jim Henson movie.  Ever. 

So what are you/your kids dressing as this year?


  1. 8-yr-old son: Wolfman
    5-yr-old son: Danny Phantom (extra points if you know who that is without looking it up ;-)
    2-yr-old daughter: Bride of Frankenstein OR Queen of Hearts

    I'm still not sure if I'll be Katniss Everdeen or Medusa. My husband, sadly, doesn't dress up :-(

  2. My 9y/o is going as Marty McFly.
    My 6y/o is Iron Man.
    Me? I never tell, I always make folks wait n see.

  3. Those grey tights haunt me. If my sister's want to weird me out they know all they have to do is start singing the voodoo song so the image of the tights will be brought to mind and ruin my day.

    And on a different note. I think my kids are going to be Mary Poppins and Burt.