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1980's Me
{Favorite Color}  Mint Green (yes, I know)
{Favorite Movies}  Labyrinth (with David Bowie in all of his gray tights glory!)
{Favorite Shows}  Care Bears, Today's Special, Wuzzles's, Kid's Inc., Strawberry Shortcake and My Little Pony.(Just to name a few)
{Favorite Food}  Cubed steak, mashed potatoes and brown gravy
{Favorite Book} Tink in a Tangle and Baby Sitter's Club all the way!  I so wanted to be Stacy. 
{Hobbies} Playing with all my neighborhood friends, drawing, Stars, Clogging, and Ballet.  I would also consider blowing bubble gum bubbles on of my hobbies since I was such a gum chewer!

1990's Me
{Favorite Color} Probably navy blue, but I loved anything plaid (even though that's not a color!)
{Favorite Movies} The Little Mermaid, Kindergarten Cop, A League of Their Own, Far and Away, Cry Baby, Romeo and Juliet, Toy Story Little Women, and Never Been Kissed, Braveheart
{Favorite Shows} Early 90's MMC (Mickey Mouse Club for all you "uncool" people) and Lois and Clark in the late 90's
{Favorite Food} A full Thanksgiving meal (anytime of the year)
{Favorite Book} I didn't read really anything but magazines like Tiger Beat, Teen and Vogue
{Hobbies} Early 90's I was really big into babysitting.  Late 90's I was really into keeping my journal...until I discovered scrapbooking and poured my neon colored paper/sticker soul into it! 

**2000's Me
{Favorite Color} Pink
{Favorite Movies} Pirate's of the Caribbean trilogy, LOTR trilogy, The Notebook, Elizabeth Town, Pride and Prejudice, HSM trilogy, Hitch, Shakespeare in Love, and Charlie's Angels
{Favorite Shows} Smallville, Gilmore Girls and anything BUT Emeril on the Food Network.
{Favorite Food} Still anything to do with a Thanksgiving meal, chips and guacamole. 
{Favorite Books} Twilight Series, Harry Potter Series, The Actor and the Housewife, Austenland, The Trait 
{Hobbies} Scrapbooking, cooking, baking, reading, yoga, and blogging

The Now Me

**See above because much hasn't changed!

This blog has been so much fun over the last 6 yeas.  I have completely enjoyed letting you into my little world (for the most part, I don't divulge everything!) and seeing how far I have come in life.  I am such a random person so it comes out here on my little site.  It's the one thing that I get the most compliments about when it comes to my blog.  I have always (well, there was this one time, but I won't discuss that) been so impressed of what positive feedback I get from all of my readers so, thank you.

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