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Affectionately Known As “The Gang”

I love extended birthdays and this one just keeps going! Monday, my friends…the gang…and us got together at PF Changs for dinner and fun. If the establishments would allow us to stay for hours we would go out more often and just talk the night away. We ended up just walking around the mall and grabbing some Cold Stone goodness. It’s rare that we all get a picture together so I made Ian snap these shots of us in the mall. I don’t know what I love about these kind of…hand held out as far as it will go…pictures, but they are usually my favorites!

Ian didn’t quite get Randy in the picture so we took another…

I decided to give my select group of friends the name “the gang” because we are always hanging out with one another. Nothing fancy, nothing big, BUT always so fun and entertaining. I have know Jennifer and Rachel for more than 10 years now…and we just expanded our circle by marrying 3 great guys!!!

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