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I cannot believe that I am writing 2006 on my checks! When I was younger I would always add up how old I would be in 2000 and never thought of any year after that. Now it’s 6 years later and I am only getting older.
Tonight I taught my second class which happened to be the Flipout Chipboard Album. I had 8 ladies in the class then 2 packets. They absolutely loved it! I always get really nervous teaching because I am affraid they are going to think the project is dumb, but I guess they wouldn’t sign up for it then. Teaching is alot of fun. The best part is getting the ladies excited about scrapbooking. The twinkle in their eye is a great reward.
I made a scrapbooking tool belt (actually 2) and wore it to my class. Three of the ladies wanted to buy it. Cammi has called it the Scrap Wrap and I made an adorable logo to go with it. I am going to wear it to my scrap-away this weekend. Speaking of that, I am looking forward to hopefully getting caught up on my layouts! The ladies from the ward invited me to come a couple of months ago. It should be alot of fun.
Lately I have really been into getting organized. Ian got me on a kick and I haven’t stopped. Things just flow so much better when they are in their place. I scrapbook so much better when I can find all the things I buy and stash away. I have tried out for a couple of DT, but haven’t heard back yet. Crossing my fingers!
I am going to Las Vegas for CHA with Cactus Pink! That is going to be hard work, but a blast! How fun is going to be to meet fellow scrappers and get tons of free stuff!!!

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    January 17, 2006 at 5:51 pm

    OK gotta see the tool belt!! Need a picture, I teach and could totally use something like this!!

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