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I forgot to blog about Friday. We had such a great time at Carrabba’s. There was hardly anyone there so we got fantastic service. Plus our waiter was in training so he was trying to do everything perfect. I had the best frozen mango lemon aid that I am craving today. No, I am not pregnant, but it was good enough to have everyday! Afterwards we went to the mall to look for a neutral gold umbrella to use in the engagement pictures the next morning. On a whim we ended up at the cologne counter at Macy’s seeing what was new. Since I broke a bottle of brand new cologne of his a couple years back, he has been wanting something new for a long time. This crazy perfume counter lady kept coming up behind Ian and spraying him with the most awful scents! He finally had to tell her to knock it off and go away…in a nice way of course…well a stern nice way. Once we found Euphoria by Calvin Klein I thought we would be on our way. Ian turns right around and wanders over to the perfume counter. Since he bought me Lovely for my birthday I knew that I was good for atleast a few years. That wasn’t good enough for him so he wanted to find me something else. We ended up with LAMB from Gwen Stephani. I feel so…famous…when I wear it. It’s really nice! When we got into the car (with the a free towel, free lotion, and a good handful of sample sprays) I got the worse headache from all the cologne and perfume that we tried and that Ian got dowsed with from that crazy lady. Next time you go to Macy’s watch out for her!

WOW! Two posts in the same day…see below!

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    October 1, 2007 at 11:43 pm

    they should make those perfume ladies against the law…yuk! i have steered clear of there since being preggers…i need some lamb! i loooove lovely!

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