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Another three bite the dust…

Well actually “bite” the Twilight books!!! Cutie Amanda (who I would link her blog, but she is going private) came up to me at church and said she started reading them because of my blog. I was thrilled! She said she couldn’t put it down. Wednesday I went to Cheesecake Factory one last time with my girls, Jenn and Rachel. Jenn pipes up and says that she finally read Twilight. Now, she is a reader and always has a strong opinion about the things she reads. She is so smart. The way she said it, I was worried that she hated it. I said, “Oh, you didn’t like it!” She commented back with “Quite the opposite…I am so dazzled!” She read the first two in like 11 hours! We both felt bad because all we wanted to do was talk about it, but Rachel hadn’t read it yet. I get a call from Rachel the next day and said she stayed up until midnight reading Twilight and absolutely loved it. She just wishes she had read it a day sooner so she knew what Jenn and I were gabbing on about! I love getting friends hooked on good things. I have the same effect when it comes to scrapbooking so watch out world!!! You will all be under my power soon…thinking about what you read in the Twilight series while scrapbooking your little heart out!

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    u can call me R-foo
    April 6, 2008 at 3:59 am

    still have the other 2 to read but i am soooo dazzled already! LOL

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