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Ian grew up a Lego man. He said it was one of his favorite things to do as a kid. Now, Liam is a lego man. I never played with Legos growing up because they were kind of a boy thing to do. (Did you know they now make pink and purple legos for girls?) If you give Ian a box of Legos he could build anything from a rocket ship to a laser gun. You hand me a box of Legos and I can build a tower with coordinating colors. UNTIL I discovered that most Lego sets come with great instructions!

We have bought Liam little sets here and there and I absolutely love to put them together. It fulfills me, if you will, in some weird way. I like to keep all of the instructions together so then anytime Liam wants to play Legos I can ‘play’ with him by reconstructing something I already put together before. We have a blast together (until I find there is a piece missing from something that I am trying to build and get really annoyed, but that’s for another time!)

The weekend that I was scrapbooking with my friend, Deneigh, Liam was really in a Lego mood and kept coming over to the table to play with me. I captured a super fun picture and submitted it to my friend Stephanie‘s new fun blog. Check out the picture here. Make sure to indulge in all of the other pictures as well!

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