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Food, food go away!

Food has been my nemesis for the past little while.
I want everything from…
gummy bears (must be Harbo)
fruit mentos
cheese and crackers (ritz or any other butter goodness)
fresh berries
gallons and gallons of this sweet nectar
steak Marsala from Carabba’s (we went there for date night last weekend and I have never had a steak that delicious…truth!)
peach cobbler
rice chex cereal
baked potatoes with yummy butter
combination burrito from Taco Casa (don’t even go there)
watermelon (I could eat my weight in watermelon)
and anything that I don’t have to cook myself!

But now I am just sick of even thinking about having to eat. Don’t let that fool you, I am still eating constantly, but the thought about having to think about what to eat is what’s driving me mad. I remember feeling a little of this when I was pregnant with Liam so I guess it’s normal for me.
7 more weeks…just all the more time that I will be adding on an east wing and west wing to my big-as-a-house physic! I didn’t think I would say this, ever, but I really look forward to the beginning of the year when I can get back to exercising! (Yeah, yeah…I know I could have been this whole pregnancy, but what’s the fun in that?)

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    September 16, 2010 at 9:28 pm

    Enjoy all the food!! I do have rough pregnancies, but that is always my favorite thing….having an excuse to do/eat whatever you want!

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    September 17, 2010 at 12:24 am

    i can identify with this and i'm not pregnant…just constantly in the mood to munch! yeah, it's a problem. live it up!

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