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Getting Organized For Spring

I’ve teamed up with Hefty to help you (and I) with spring cleaning and getting our homes organized for the season! 

No matter how badly you wish for winter to be over, spring always seems to sneak up on you – and with a new season comes new household projects. Packing away winter gear and pulling out flip flops isn’t the only thing that needs to be done to make the transition to spring go smoothly. There are plenty of ways I like to make sure my house stays organized even after my big spring cleaning spree is finished.

Take a look at my checklist for tips on getting organized for the warmer weather!

Fridge Cleaning: First thing I always like to tackle is transitioning my fridge for spring. Now I’m a huge believer in making food last, but the change in seasons is the perfect time to go through the fridge and toss expired goods and winter snacks, making room for the seasonal flavors of spring. Take the opportunity to reorganize the shelves, keeping condiments on the side, beverages on the top shelf and making sure the produce stays in its respective drawers.

Make a list of spring fruits and veggies you’d want to stock up on, like apricots, corn on the cob, mangoes, spinach and artichokes. My kids can’t get enough of roasted artichokes, baked with lemon juice, olive oil, garlic and salt – the perfect snack to serve before dinner.

Get your fridge organized for spring!  |  mynameissnickderdoodle.com

Clothing Swap: I could not be more excited to pack away my tired sweaters and dirty snow boots for the season – but as much as I’d like to throw them in a box somewhere and not think about wool until the fall, organization is key when swapping out winter gear for spring attire. Before I start the switch, I label a couple designated boxes to help categorize my clothes (specifically give away and storage). Now remember, if you haven’t worn it all winter, it’s not worth keeping.

After you’ve cleared your winter wardrobe, take a look at your spring clothes and make a list of what you need. Also, make a note of which tops and bottoms are on their way out. This makes it easier to decide what to give away at the end of the summer.

Tips for organizing your closets for spring!  |  mynameissnickderdoodle.com

Gear Up your Garage: Take an afternoon to go through your garage, packing away snow blowers and shovels and preparing for spring activities. Prep bikes for family bike rides, filling tires with air and locating your helmets. Again, designate boxes for donations and garage sale. Grab a trash bag and get rid of any broken tools or garbage lying around as well.

On a side note: take your car in to get washed. It’s always good to start fresh for a new season without the stains from winter snow and salt.

How to get your garage organized for spring!  |  mynameissnickderdoodle.com

Kitchen Clean-Up: The change in seasons is also a great opportunity to de-clutter your kitchen and get organized. We all have those kitchen drawers full of tools and appliances we don’t need. I like to throw away all of the broken bits and put duplicates into a labeled storage box.

Tip: Use a shoe organizer on the inside of the pantry door for spices and recycled tins with colorful paper for drawer organization.

How to get your home organized for spring!  |  mynameissnickderdoodle.com

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