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Howdy Partner!

Ian’s birthday is the 13th of December and ever since we have been married, I have wanted to do thirteen days of his birthday. So this year I did it. Some days were little gifts and others where bigger. Yesterday I threw him a party Texas style. We played country music, had yummy brisket and some of us dressed up in our snap shirts and big belt buckles. I spent all day cooking, cleaning and decorating. It was well worth it in the end because Ian had a blast and we enjoyed our friends and family who came. Some had to cancel last minute and we missed them. A big thanks to the Meyers and their fabulous cooking skills. I made three of their recipes and for the most part, they turned out!

I kinda slacked on Ian’s cake, but it sure tasted just great!
Ian, me, Randy, Jenn, Greg, Rachel, Jacob, and Amanda
Jacob gave Ian the hat!

Let me brag about Ian for a minute…he has been taking pictures for a few years now. He started off with bridal shots, then weddings. Amateur, but good. Lately he has been taking family pictures and baby pictures. This last Saturday we took new born pictures of one of our favorite “clients” (a friend in the neighborhood). Because of her Ian has had so many bookings lately…not to mention 4 this upcoming Saturday. Here is the only one that Ian will let me post…SO ADORABLE!

This makes me excited to take our own pictures of Stella!!!

**By the way, I passed the glucose 3 hour test. It came back normal!!! Thank GOODNESS!

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    Ian Williams
    December 12, 2006 at 7:39 pm

    It was a great pary and great company. Thank you so much sweetheart.

  • Reply
    December 13, 2006 at 9:36 am

    awesome. you guys are both so talented. i think you should make a company called ian and amy and just do all the stuff you do. you’d probably be like really, really rich. i mean really.
    also- ian- will you take some fancy pictures of dave when we see you in a few weeks:) teehee!! are we gonna get to see you in a few weeks??

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