My Heart Just Grew

All my life I knew I wanted kids.  I thought 5 would be a great number.  When I got married I thought babies would just come easily and our wonderful life would go on.  I didn’t expect that it would take so many years to get pregnant and bring those sweet babies into the world.
During those years of yearning I would dream and imagine what our kids would like like, how they would be and who they would become.  I imagined what all of their milestone would be like.  Like the first day of school, riding a bike and getting married.  One of the first milestones of our family’s life is getting baptized.  As a member of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints, we believe the appropriate age to get baptized (if your family are already members) is eight years old.

When our oldest turned 7 I truly wasn’t even thinking of how fast the next year would fly by.  All of sudden we were planning this event and coordinating with family to come into town.  His baptism was almost a year ago and I’m just now sharing it and that’s okay with me.  He’ll be nine in a few short week and this year was even faster than the year before!

Okay, back to the baptism.  About two weeks before I took Liam to a nearby field and did a mini photo shoot with him in new suit.  He wasn’t too happy that I was pulling him away from playing and pouted halfway there.  I was getting frustrated inside.  Didn’t he know that I dreamed about this moment for so many years.  No, he didn’t.   I took the long walk to share with him my feelings about what was about to happen to him in his life.  I told him that it was him that made me a mom and I couldn’t be happier about that.  We bonded and took some great pictures!  Downfall is that I’ve recently lost most of them so I’m cherishing these few that I do have.

When the day finally came I just tried to be in the moment with him.  Ian was able to baptize him and it’s day I don’t think we will ever forget.  Such a spiritual moment in all of our lives.


We invited friends and family to come.  I was really sad that I was
unable to have any of my family come, but most of Ian’s side were
Afterwards we celebrated with lunch at a great restaurant and just enjoyed each other for the rest of their visit.
Liam thought since he was old enough to be baptized, he was now old enough to tie his own tie.  He didn’t wan’t to be “baby” anymore (his words) and wear a snap on tie anymore to church.  His dad showed him twice how to do it and now he is an expert!  Here is a video I took shortly after he learned.

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