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Plus and minus…

Yes, we still have family in town. And no, we haven’t killed each other yet! We really have been having a wonderful time. Minus the fact that…

  • What started out with two sick kids and has now multiplied to three sick kids and 6 sick adults.
  • One of those little kids went to an insta-care yesterday and was diagnosed with pneumonia.
  • Some adults went sledding with borrowed sleds and one (very expensive) one was stolen.
  • There have been 4 midnight throw up sessions.
  • A camera lens was broken to bits.
  • A child was temporally lost in the mall.
  • 4 trips to Wal-mart that has averaged out to 10 hours of our lives lost!
  • Our place is in a constant state of cluttered chaos.

Plus the fact that…

  • That I forgot to mention that we had one of the best Christmas Eve’s…that I forgot to mention before. There is a family that moved into our neighborhood last year from Texas. We were at a Christmas party last year and she mentioned the thing she would miss most that Christmas is every Christmas Eve for ten years someone would annonysmously leave cinnamon rolls on their door step. I really wanted to do that for them last year, but the days got away from me. So this year we all stood at our darkened window and watched Ian drop off freshly baked cinnamon rolls on their door step. He came back and called them on the phone. In his best “Santa” voice told them there was a special gift from him and Mrs. Claus. It was such a little moment, but I will remember it always.
  • On the same night, as we were putting out food for the reindeer (oats, glitter and colored sprinkles) a family in our neighborhood was shoveling the driveway. 4 of the 7 kids were out their with their dad working like little elves. Mind you, it’s Christmas eve and the oldest of the boys is 10…youngest is 6! They are an awesome family and the parents are a wonderful example to Ian and me.
  • We’ve stayed up till 1:00am almost every night laughing our butts off at the dumbest things.
  • The kids have had such a wonderful time playing together…Liam loves to follow the other two around and play with whatever they are playing with.
  • We (as the whole family) have discovered that we like each other more than we thought we did! You all know what I am talking about when it comes to your families!
  • Found some great deals when out shopping (not at Wal-mart!)
  • Did doughnuts in a parking lot when waiting the hour to be seated at Macaroni Grill.
  • Played in the snow…kids lasted 5 minutes…the adults…we were out there for over an hour!
  • Watching Ian snowplow the lawn to make our sledding ramp higher.
  • While playing cards one night, Logan (Ian’s little 21 year old brother) left to get some food. We thought we were funny and stacked his cards so he had no chance of winning. I STILL LOST THAT ROUND!!! That’s what you get when you cheat!
  • Getting Amory hooked on the book “Twilight”.
  • Kissing my sweetheart at midnight last night.
  • Watched High School Musical 2 8 times and counting.

We all agree that this is definitely a Christmas to remember!

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    January 2, 2008 at 4:38 am

    Sounds like a memorable holiday! Hopefully everyone is feeling better! I love that your neighbors were out being little elves, and that you remembered something so simple as cinnamon rolls…to make someone’s day that much more special! You can be my neighbor any day:0P Happy New Year!!!

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