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Recipe, recipe…who’s got the recipe?

A couple of years ago I collected a bunch of recipes from my family. Aunts, cousins, grandma…from my side. I had always enjoyed their cooking and whenever I would see them pull out the recipe it was either torn out of a magazine, on a greasy, yellowed piece of paper or written on the back of a receipt. I typed them all up and ended up with a substantial amount of delicious recipes. I made a cover page, bound it myself and gave everyone a copy. Time has passed, more cousins have gotten married and I have made practically every recipe in that book. I am itchin’ to make another. I think once fall starts up I will hit them up again for their “new” recipes and make Volume 2! And while I am at it, I am going to make Ian’s family give me their recipes and start Volume 1 for his side. We tried a couple of years ago to do it and only two people followed through (*cough*guilt, guilt*cough) so we will give it another go. I love to collect recipes. I am always finding new ones…not always making them, but I have a pretty nice collection. Now, finding time to do this will be another thing. Starting two businesses, helping Ian with his new business, trying not to neglect my child, husband or cleaning/cooking duties, church activities, loosing weight, scrapbooking, shaving my legs and of course BLOGGING will be a minor setback!

Calgon…take me away! (preferably to a tropical island!)

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    August 7, 2007 at 1:54 pm

    i’ll go with you!! (only if liam comes, of course…) and we’re REQUIRED to shave our legs??? ugh! good luck with all that’s going on…and i’m all geared for book #2! i think i have a few faves that i didn’t include the first time. kisses for the little dude!

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